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The squeeze cast forging process uses high heat and an extremely high tonnage of 8,000 tons of hydraulic casting pressure to cast and form metals. The squeeze cast forging process causes the weak non-directional grain structure of the normal 6061 aluminum alloy to be a strong parallel aligned grain structure type of alloy. The squeeze casting process causes the normal crystalline structure of the metal to transform into the similarity of a diamonds crystalline lattice structure. That transformation provides a metal with an exceptional hardness and durability that exceeds any non-squeeze cast metal.

The 6061 aluminum bar is a heated semisolid bar of metal that is placed into the lower squeeze casting die. The forging dies close and starts the change of the shape of the round cast bar into the preset form of the squeeze casting dies. The finished squeeze cast billet from the squeeze caster is reheated to near molten and then put into the forming die of a custom built spin-forging machine. The spin cast machine will spin forge the hot billet into the rim section and closely align the internal grain direction. The alignment of the internal radial grain direction of the 6061 aluminum places the combined material strength of the metal in the same direction as the operating loads.

Racing Boys engineering uses Computer Numerical Control or CNC technologies combined with Computer Aided Design (CAD) to precisely lathe and mill each raw shaped rim forging into a one piece sports rim.


  • Title: Forged Rim
  • Parts No: 01-FG511
  • Colour: Black, Orange
  • Weight:
  • Size:
    160x17 / 215x17
    160x17 / 250x17
    185x17 / 215x17
    165x17 / 250x17
    185x17 / 275x17
  • Material: Alloy
  • Motor Model: Y125Z
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